TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

With the great advantages of high safety performance and low cost, LiFePO4 batteries (lithium iron phosphate batteries) have been becoming more and more popular.
In the Electric Vehicles field, popular star models such as BYD Han EV, Tesla Model 3, Hongqi E-QM5, ORA Cat, and XiaoPeng P7 etc. have been equipped with LiFePO4 batteries. Many other car manufacturers are also running in.
In addition to EVs, it also has broad space in the fields of Energy Storage, Industrial Vehicles, Backup Systems, Golf Carts, Marines, RV, and Lead-Acid battery replacement etc.
It is predicted that the global annual LiFePO4 batteries shipment will reach 480GWh+ by 2025.
According to the report, by the end of 2021, the installed capacity of LiFePO4 batteries in China has reached around 65GWh, accounting for 50.5% of the overall proportion. Due to the LiFePO4 Batteries market is so hot, you could be curious about who manufactures LiFePO4 Batteries. In this artilce, we will try to introduce the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China.

TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China
TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China


CATL is the most famous and largest LiFePO4 Batteries manufacturer in China and worldwide.

Established: 2011
Headquarters: Ningde, Fujian
Company Website:

Company Profile:

CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. (Stock code: 300750)

CATL is one of the first Chinese power battery manufacturers with international competitiveness, and is the world’s largest lithium battery enterprise with the highest market value, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power battery system and energy storage system.

In only about ten years of development, the loading capacity of CATL power lithium battery not only accounted for half of the Chinese market, but also far ahead in the world, becoming the first Chinese manufacturer of lithium ion power battery to enter the supply chain of international top car companies.

CATL has cooperated with Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and other top enterprises, becoming the world’s leading power battery supplier. CATL has four research and development centers and six production bases, and this year it launched a highly anticipated sodium ion battery with high energy density.

Installation capacity:

CATL’s market share of iron lithium battery reaches 47.6%, of which about 60% are passenger cars, including Tesla Model 3, Dongfeng Fengshen E series, Hongguang MINI EV, XiaoPeng P7/P5/G3, BAIC EU series, Chang’an benben, European shield cat, SAIC roewe ei5, Nezha NO1/V, etc. Buses account for about 20%, mainly supporting Yutong, Jinlong, ZTO, CRRC, Jinlv, etc.; Special vehicles account for about 20%, and the main supporting customers include Yutong, Zoomlion, XCMG, SAIC Datong, Changan, Jiangling, Dongfeng, SAIC, etc.

2. BYD

BYD is No.2 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

Established: 1995
Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Company Website:

Company Profile:

BYD is a high-tech company devoted to technological innovations for a better life. BYD was founded in February 1995, and after more than 20 years of fast growth, the company has established over 30 industrial parks worldwide and has played a significant role in industries related to electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transit. From energy generation and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy solutions. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, with revenue and market capitalization each exceeding RMB 100 billion. (Stock code: 01211 HK & 002594)

Installation capacity:

The market share of BYD is 32.1%, of which about 90% are supporting passenger cars, including QIN, Han, E series, Tang, Song, Yuan and Dolphin of BYD, in addition to FAW Hongqi and FAW Pentium.

BYD LiFePO4 Blade Batteries
BYD LiFePO4 Blade Batteries

3. Gotion

GOTION is No.3 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China
Established: 2005
Headquarters: Hefei, Anhui
Company Website:

Company Profile:

Hefei Gotion High-tech Power Energy Co., LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan High-tech.The company is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the independent research and development, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles in China, specializing in the research and development, production and operation of new lithium-ion batteries and their materials, with core technology intellectual property rights.

Products are widely used in pure electric commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles, and a number of major domestic new energy vehicle enterprises to establish long-term strategic cooperation. (Stock code: 002074)

Installation capacity:

The market share of Gotion high-tech is 11.5%, of which about 80% are supporting passenger vehicles, including Hongguang MINI EV, JAC iEV series, Chery eQ series, JAC Sihao, Chang’an Benbens, Chang’an Auchan, Zero run T03, BAIC EC/EU series, Yujie Punk and other models.

4. EVE

EVE is No.4 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

Established: 2001
Headquarters: Huizhou, Guangdong
Company Website:

Company Profile:

Established in 2001, EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EVE) was first listed on Shenzhen GEM in 2009. After 21 years of rapid development, EVE is now a global lithium battery company which possesses core technologies and solutions for consumer, power, IoT and renewable applications. (Stock code: 300014)

Installation capacity:

EVE’s market share is 1.9%, ranking the fourth, and in the passenger car field is supporing Kevo entrepreneurs. Special vehicle support accounts for about half, customers include Nanjing Golden Long, Geely Sichuan Commercial vehicles, Dongfeng Motor and so on.

EVE LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cell
EVE LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cell


CALB is No.5 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

Established: 2009
Headquarters: Luoyang, Henan (Original)
Company Website:

Company Profile:

CALB is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and market application of lithium batteries, battery management systems and related integrated products and lithium battery materials. It is committed to being an energy value creator and providing professional and systematic product solutions and high-quality new energy life-cycle services for global customers.

CALB has a continuous leading technological innovation capability. Depending on the research platforms including the nationally recognized enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstation, CALB has been making continuous efforts in material technology innovation, structure technology innovation, manufacturing technology innovation and eco-friendly development innovation, making its R&D strength ranking among the industry leaders. CALB keeps building outstanding product power to serve the market, fulfill customers’ sanctification and realize win-win cooperation with ecological partners.

At present, CALB has set up several industrial bases to build industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest, Central and the Greater Bay Area to achieve a full range of domestic industrial layout, and makes overseas industrial layout to become a leading global enterprise!

With the mission of “Beyond Business Benefit All” and the vision of “For Win-win Cooperation For Greatness”, CALB adheres the concept of green and sustainable development, with great ecological innovation abilities, leading the construction of a vibrant industrial ecology, and operating the high quality new energy life cycle.


Lishen is No.6 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

Established: 1997
Headquarters: Tianjin, China
Company Website:

Company Profile:

Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. (Lishen Battery) is a high-tech enterprise controlled by state-owned company and private shareholders. It was established in 1997 with registered capital of USD 272 million. So far Lishen Battery has grown its annual production capacity up to 10GWh and has maintained the major market share among the global lithium-ion battery industry for years.

Based on “International Hign-end Market, World-Class Technology and Quality” Lishen Battery has become a world-class and the domestic leader in lithium ion battery manufacturing after 20 years of effort. With independent intellectual property rights and core technology and holding over 1,800 patents, Lishen Battery has the China’s first Battery Industry UL WTDP Lab and the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation. Lishen Battery has established the National Enterprise Technology Center and National Engineering and Technological Research Center of Li-ion Power Battery. Lishen Battery is the battery chair member within the EV industry alliance of state-owned enterprises. Lishen Battery has been the main author for drafting the China battery standards. Lishen Battery brand has been regarded as the Well-Known Mark in China, the China Quality High-integrity Enterprise, and the AA-Level Enterprise by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Lishen Battery has taken its corporation vision as “world-class technology and quality, mankind-enjoyed green power” and dedicated to providing customers with total energy solutions, including six product categories–cylindrical battery, prismatic battery, power battery, polymer battery, photovoltaic, ultra-capacitor, and near thousand models, whoes applications covering a wide range of customer electronics, new energy transportation and energy storage systems. Lishen Battery has cooperated with many world-class enterprises including Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, Yutong, King Long, Zhongtong, JAC, Hyundai, Potevio, Brilliance, Dongfeng, FAW, BAIC, SAIC, Wuzhoulong, Changan, Geely, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid.

With the prospering power battery industry, Lishen Battery has established production bases in Beijing, Qingdao, Suzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Mianyang to ensure the sustainable development.


REPT is No.7 of the TOP 7 LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers In China

Established: 2017
Headquarters: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Company Website:

Company Profile:

Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and is one of companies invested by Tsingshan Industry (one of the Fortune Global 500 companies) in the sector of new energy by combining its own rich mineral resources in the world. Ruipu Energy is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales, from cells to system applications of power and energy storage lithium-ion battery, focusing on providing high-quality solutions for new energy vehicle power and smart energy storage system. With a registered capital of 300 million yuan, the company has now established two major bases, namely the Wenzhou Manufacturing Base and the Shanghai R & D Center.

The Wenzhou manufacturing base covers an area of 381 acres and is located in Binhai Park, Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The total planned investment is more than 5 billion yuan, and the planned total production capacity exceeds 20GWh. 6GWh annual production capacity has been formed. The Shanghai R & D Center is located in the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone. It has a technical R & D team of several hundred people, and more than 60% of them have master’s degrees or higher. Ruipu Energy is mainly based on VDA standard size NCM batteries and LFP batteries, and its product technical strength has reached the domestic leading level. In the power battery field, Ruipu Energy has now cooperated with Dongfeng Passenger Cars, WELTMEISTER, SGMW, CRRC, and Xiamen KingLong and other well-known domestic OEMs, in the energy storage battery field, its products have entered the international market with many well-known domestic energy storage inverter companies, and the domestic backup power supply market share has reached 20%. Power battery shipments in 2019 have been ranking the China Top 12th.

Relying on the strong strength and abundant resources of Tsingshan Industry, basidng on large-scale industrial intelligent manufacturing technology and focusing on high-performance & high-consistent battery design technology, REPT Energy commit himself to break through the two bottlenecks of product consistency and product cost, create the most cost-effective power & energy storage battery manufacturing company in the industry and promote the development of the global new energy industry by coordinating the development of the industrial chain.


1. The ranking may vary according to different data source. But the TOP 4 are relatively stable.

2. As time goes by, the ranking probably changes in the future.

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