CATL 310Ah Battery

Authentic CATL LiFePO4 Battery Cells 3.2V 310Ah. Long Lifetime – Each LiFePO4 battery cell is rated 310Ah capacity and with high consistency.

Compared to typical Li-on batteries, these batteries offer nearly double the run time. Certified Safe – Grade A+ CATL battery cells with Multi-Protect Safety System ensures your safety and the protection for the battery uses.

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CATL 310Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells


ModelCATL-3.2V 310A
Cell BrandCATL
Standard capacity310 Ah
Minimum capacity310Ah
Operating Voltage2.5~3.65V
Battery internal resistance (1KHz)0.16±0.05m Ω
Shipping capacity117~123Ah
Monthly self-discharge≤3.5%
Working temperature (charging)0~60℃
Working temperature (discharge)-30~60℃
Battery weight≤5.51Kg
Battery size174*71.7*207mm
Cell cycle≥6000cycles
Standard charging current0.5C
Maximum continuous charging current1C
Standard charging voltageSingle battery max 3.65V
Standard charging mode0.5C constant current continues to charge to the maximum of the single battery 3.65V, and then constant voltage continues to be
charged at normal pressure 3.65V until the current lower limit is 0.05C
Standard charging temperature25±2 ℃
Absolute charging temperature (cell temperature)0~65℃
Absolute charging voltageMax 3.65V
Standard discharge current0.5C
Maximum continuous discharge current1C
Discharge cut-off voltage2.5V
Standard discharge temperature25±2 ℃
Absolute discharge temperature-30~65℃

CATL is one of the major manufacturers for large prismatic LiFePO4 battery cells in China. This page list the latest 2021 cells from CATL. Sunray Battery keeps large quantity of CATL 310Ah 3.2v Lifep04 battery cells in stock. All with High quality grade A cell. It is suitable for large capacity 12v energy storage battery system. It’s a best cell for DIY as well. We provide Busbars if required

CATL 310Ah Battery


  • Engine Starting Battery
  • E-car, Golf troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner
  • Industrial vehicles: Forklift, Tractor, Loader
  • Marine: Yacht, electric boat, trolling motor
  • Backup Power: UPS, Telecom Base Station, Energy Storage System
  • Intellectual Robots
  • Power tools: electric drills, toys
  • EZ-GO Golf Cart

CATL 3.2V 310Ah battery application

Custom Battery Pack Solution:

As a professional battery manufactuer, we accept most of battery customization requirements. For complete battery packs, there will be built-in BMS which is the most important parts for a lithium battery pack.

Also we have battery modules for those customers who want to custom made battery packs by themselves. If you are interested in this, just check it out.

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