CATL 3.2V 202Ah Battery

The CATL LiFePO4 Battery Cells we supply are all brand new grade A LFP battery cells, and there are original factory’s QR codes with warranty service in every battery we provide. With the perfect performance and superior service, CATL LiFePO4 Battery cells are becoming two of the most polular lifepo4 cells in the applications of energy storage, solar system, EV, etc.

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CATL 3.2V 202Ah Battery LiFePO4 Cell


CATL 3.2V 202Ah Battery Parameter:

1Nominal Capacity202AhStandard Discharge
2Minimal Capacity202AhStandard Discharge
3Work Voltage2.5~3.65V
4Internal Resistance(Ac. 1kHz)0.1~0.5mΩFresh Cell, 30%SOC
5Charging TimeStandard Charge~4hReference Value
Fast Charge~1h
6Recommended SOC WindowSOC :10%~90%
7Operating TemperatureCharging Temperature0~45°CRefer to section 4.2
Discharging Temperature-20~55°CRefer to section 4.4
8Length x Width x Thickness208.5 x 174.1 x 57Dimensions(mm)

Discharging mode

4.4.1Standard Discharging ModelAt room temperature, discharged to 2.5V at a constant current of 200A.
4.4.2Maximum Constant Discharging Current200A
4.4.3Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Long Pulse)400AMaximum duration: 3min
4.4.4Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Short Pulse)600AWhen battery temperature is below 50 ℃, the maximum discharge can last 10s
4.4.5Standard Discharging Temperature25±2℃Cell Temperature
4.4.6Absolute Discharging Temperature-20~55℃No matter what the discharging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute discharging temperature, discharging should be stopped.

CATL 3.2V 202Ah Battery Application:

  • Engine Starting Battery
  • E-car, Golf troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner
  • Industrial vehicles: Forklift, Tractor, Loader
  • Marine: Yacht, electric boat, trolling motor
  • Backup Power: UPS, Telecom Base Station, Energy Storage System
  • Intellectual Robots
  • Power tools: electric drills, toys
  • EZ-GO Golf Cart

CATL 3.2V 202Ah battery application

Charging guide:

  • NEVER charge LiFePO4 batteries with a charger not specifically compatible with LiFePO4 batteries!
  • When the cell is first used, it MUST be fully charged and discharged for activating it and giving fully capacity.
  • Always charge LiFePo4 batteries in an area with adequate ventilation.
  • No matter what charge mode the battery is in, stop charging once the cell temperature exceeds the absolute charge temperature range.
  • No matter what charge mode the battery is in, stop charging once the cell voltage exceeds the absolute charge voltage.
  • When the LiFePO4 batteries are intended to be stored for a prolonged period of time (more than one month), the SOC of cells should be adjusted to around 50% periodically(every three months is recommended).
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