24V 300Ah Battery LiFePO4 Litium Ion Power Bank

The 24 Volt 300 AMP lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) industrial deep cycle battery offers state of the art technology “Lithium Iron Phosphate” the safest and most robust lithium chemistry. Capable of reaching over 5000 cycles, The 24 Volt 300 AMP lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) industrial deep cycle battery can be recharged thousands of times providing 100% DOD (depth of discharge) The 24 Volt 300 AMP lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) industrial deep cycle battery is perfect for Solar, Marine, RV, and commercial applications.

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24V 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery for forklift AGV

24V 300Ah Battery Spefications:

Nominal voltage24V
Nominal capacity300Ah
Cell typeLiFePO4
Rated discharging current100A
Peak discharging current200A
Charging current50A
Discharging cut-off voltage20.0V
Charging cut-off voltage29.2V
Weightapprox. 70Kg
24V 300Ah Battery Features:
  1. LED screen to show the battery information including voltage, current, etc
  2.  High quality CATL or BYD Lithium iron phosphate cells inside
  3. Smart BMS to protect the battery pack
  4. Anderson connector supports large charging and discharging current
  5. RS485 communication function is optional

The Sunray 24V 300 amp has a large amp capacity in one battery and eliminates the need for multiple batteries without losing amperage.

Compared to other battery technologies, this battery delivers large amounts of power, at half the weight, and provides up to 8 times more battery cycles with no memory problems. Loaded with automatic safety features, such as a Battery Management System (BMS), which maintains individual cell integrity, low and high voltage protection, reverse polarity, and temperature management.

Replaces multiple battery banks, eliminates multiple cables, full amp capacity, and NO memory problems!


AGV, forklift, tractor, golf cart, inspection robot, telecom base station, etc.


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