24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack

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24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Parameters
Electric Characteristics
Battery TypeLiFePO4Nominal Capacity100Ah
Nominal Voltage24VActual Voltage25.6V
Energy2560WhCycle Life3500+
Charging and Discharging Parameters
Full charge volt29.2VDischarge cut-off volt≤20V
Max charge current60AMax continuous discharge current100A
Peak discharge current200A@1~3 SecondsSuggested charge Volt29.2V
Operation Temperature Parameters
Charge0~45℃Storage less than 12 months-20 ~25℃
Discharge-20~60℃Storage less than three months-20~35℃
Recommended18~28℃Storage over 12 months 25 ℃
Mechanical Properties
Length483mmHousing materialsABS/PVC/Customized
Width170mmTerminal sizeM6/M8 optional
Height240mmCommunication protocolRS485/RS232/CANBus/Optional
WeightAbout 25kgWaterproof levelIP65
BMS function
Protect battery from Overcharge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Short circuit
High safety (no fire, no explosion)No memory effectHigh energy densityLong lifespan
Fast Charge CapabilityWaterproofIndividual cell balancingEasy maintenance
  1. Maintenance-free operation;
  2. The long service life of 10~15 years;
  3. Built-in built BMS multiple security protection;
  4. High-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, safe and reliable;
  5. More rechargeable time, longer lifetime, economic and environmental protection.
24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Applications

Any Application that currently uses a Lead Acid Battery can use a Sunray LIFEPO4 battery as a direct replacement as long as the amperage load does not exceed the specifications of the Sunray Battery. Please see the Specifications for each battery size for details. Cars, Trucks, RVs, Golf Carts, Medical Equipment, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Boats, Remote Communication Stations, Surveillance Equipment can all benefit from the advanced features and characteristics of Sunray LIFEPO4 batteries.


  • Never connect the positive and the negative of the battery with metal
  • Never ship or store the battery with metal
  • Never cut or puncture the battery
  • Do not expose the battery to water
  • Do not expose the battery to fire & high temperature
Storage &Non Use
  • Storage in a dry place with temperature of not exceeding 30°C
  • For long term storage keep battery charged 30%-50% of capacity
  • Do not storage battery with metal
  • Use terminal post covers to prevent any short circuit circumstance
Additional Product Information

The Lithium battery makes every attempt to verify that its products are used and designed for your application. For additional questions or concerns, please contact with Sunray Battery.


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