CATL LiFePO4 Battery in Forklifts Application

CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. To date, CATL batteries have been sold in 56 countries and regions around the world and have been used in more than 5 million vehicles, according to the power battery giant’s helmsman.

The battery product solution provided by CATL for the field of construction machinery are also widely adapted to special vehicles such as forklifts and slag trucks. It’s easy to adapt to specific working conditions and create a comfortable and safe working environment. So far, it has been successfully applied in complex scenes such as logistics parks, port, mining area, and so on.

CATL LiFePO4 Battery Used in Forklift

Till now, CATL officially cooperated forklifts manufacturers includes HANGCHA and HELI.

    On July 17th, 2020, a batch of HANGCHA XC Li-Ion battery forklifts equipped with CATL battery modules were successfully delivered to a leading enterprise in the chemical industry, marking a further step in CATL’s strategy towards forklift electrification. CATL can provide customers with more secure and reliable solutions as regards lithium-ion battery forklifts.HANGCHA Forklift-CATL LiFePO4 Battery
  • HELI
    In 2019, HELI and CATL jointly invested in the R&D and production of lithium batteries which is specially used for industrial vehicles. Nowadays, the customized lithium battery packs for 1-10 ton forklifts have been developed and applied to HELI G2 series lithium battery forklifts.HELI Forklift--CATL LiFePO4 Battery

In fact, CATL became involved in the forklift market as early as 2018. With the development of technology and the gradual maturity of the market, CATL will launch more reliable, safe and durable lithium battery products to accelerate forklift electrification.

Today, there are also more and more famous forklift brands like LINDE, HYSTER, YALE, TCM, TOYOTA and KOMATSU etc., their dealers and clients are turning to CATL LFP batteries to replace their old lead acid batteries.

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